What Can Your Law Firm Outsource to a Virtual Assistant?

Close up picture of a virtual assistanceYou probably want to spend your precious time doing more important things and practicing law than doing repetitive and boring tasks. If this is the case for you, hiring a virtual assistant can help you.

Using a virtual assistant’s service to help you maximize your time because they will do what you need to do in a cost-effective manner. 

Virtual assistants are experts in a particular area, and they can do the tasks that need to be done so you focus on practicing your profession. 

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant or VA provides support services in specific tasks that can be completed through the internet. A VA can do particular jobs or general types of functions. He can either assume the role of an internet-based employee, your bookkeeper, and other administrative roles in your business. 

Virtual assistants can come from abroad, which will typically cost you less, or from your own country which can be more expensive. VAs who are based outside your country can be effective at doing administrative jobs, and their services are inexpensive. On the other hand, VAs who live in the same region as you can do more complex tasks. 

You may be concerned whether a VA can be trusted or not, and that is understandable. Before you hire someone to do tasks for you, make sure they are reliable and that you can trust them with sensitive tasks or your business will be significantly affected. 

What are some of the tasks that can be easily done by a VA?


It is necessary to have someone to do bookkeeping for a business. However, it can be tedious and time-consuming; that is why you can let a VA do this for you. This task is systematic and repetitive; it would be easy for a VA to complete this job. Here are some of the things your VA can do for you:

  • Invoice clients
  • Pay your bills
  • Track bank reconciliations with your cloud accounting software
  • Track your accounts payable and receivables
  • Renew your bar association dues
  • Remind you when it’s time to pay bills 


Answer Phone Calls 

A virtual assistant can answer and screen incoming calls for you. Although we live in a digital age, clients still look for real people to talk to when they’re on the phone. If someone on the other line sounds friendly and sympathetic, it can be a good start for keeping a good relationship with your clients. 

Social Media Marketing

You may not have time to manage your social media accounts; that is why you can outsource a VA to do the task for you. A VA can Tweet, Like, Follow, and post on social media to promote you to a broader audience. There are a lot of VAs who can do the job with ease so you can be confident the situation is handled well. 


A virtual assistant can manage your inbox for you. They can sort and organize the messages depending on the subject of the message. They can prioritize emails so you can do the important ones first and do the others later. VAs can also set up appointments and answer basic questions by current and prospective clients. 

Manage Your Calendar and Set Meetings

One of the common things a VA does is to manage your schedule. They schedule an appointment with your clients and put them in your calendar.  When you hire a VA, it can save you time from replying to your client to set a date that fits both your schedule. 


A virtual assistant can also do transcription jobs. If you write notes by hand, your VA can have them typed and saved to your hard drive. A VA who does transcription jobs should have accurate grammar and spelling and has excellent attention to details because there are things crucial for transcription tasks. 

Book Travel

Looking for a good hotel deal and flight can be time-consuming.  A VA can do this job for you to save you time. They can search for great hotels that suit your budget and a flight within your timeline. 

Cost Savings Calculations

Before hiring a VA, consider these questions and find out if the numbers add up:

  • How much do you bill per hour?
  • How many billable hours do you lose by working on administrative tasks?
  • How much would it cost you to hire a VA to do your current tasks?
  • What is the difference between your earnings and the cost of hiring a VA?

Before Hiring a Virtual Assistant 

Don’t hire a VA if you are not sure you can pay their service. Don’t expect they can do a perfect job from day 1. Help them adjust by adequately documenting the process so they can follow the task and repeat it when necessary.