How to Improve Your Tree’s Health with Mulch?

A certified arborist should carefully assess the condition of a tree, especially if a disease infects it. It is crucial to get to the bottom of the problem because if not, the issue will continue to persist and even cause the tree to die. They should not just treat the symptom because this will not do the tree any good. While some arborists recommend expensive treatments without carefully diagnosing the condition of the tree, some go the extra mile to find out the root of the problem and treat them accordingly.

Arborists are usually called tree service doctors, but they can also be stress managers for trees. They try to learn the real cause of the problem for trees and treat them accurately. It is not enough to take care of the symptoms because without getting the root cause, the problem will keep occurring.

Before a tree gets totally affected by a disease or infestation, they first show signs of stress. It is during this time that you should treat the tree before the problem worsens. One of the reasons for stress in trees is the human factor. In other instances, it could be because of environmental causes such as storms and other natural disasters. Keep in mind that the more stressed your trees are, the more they are vulnerable to infestations and diseases. The question is, how do you avoid stress in trees? You should start by finding out what the stressors are and keep them away from your trees at all costs. Avoid these tree stressors:

  • Improper planting method: It will affect your tree long-term if it is planted in a wrong location, at an inadequate depth, in the unsuitable soil.
  • Too dense soil: When the soil is too compact, the tree becomes deprived of oxygen.
  • Improper Watering: Over and under-watering are both detrimental to the tree’s health.
  • Root Structure: A tree’s root system affects the movement of water around the tree and can deprive the tree of its much-needed oxygen and nutrients.
  • Soil Grade: Soil grade can affect the root’s ability to absorb water and nutrients essential for its health.
  • Hot weather: It can cause the tree to lose its moisture and stunt its growth.
  • Construction near the tree: This is where human intervention comes to play. When the tree’s roots are accidentally struck and wounded, it can damage the tree altogether.

If you look at the above mentioned factors, you will realize that they have one common denominator, the soil. If you want a healthy tree in your yard, you have to consider the soil where you plant your trees. How do you keep the soil around your tree healthy? Use a mulch ring. A mulch ring protects your tree from outside elements that can be harmful to it.

Here is a practical guide to properly mulching your trees:

  • Place approximately 2 inches of mulch around the tree
  • Use natural organic mulch
  • Keep proper distance for the mulch and keep it from the drip line
  • Make sure to keep the mulch away from the trunk of the tree
  • Avoid building berms

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The Disadvantages of Spikes When Pruning Trees

Every tree care company has its own way of handling trees of a different specimen. It is essential to use the right techniques considering the unique situation of a tree. The use of the right equipment is a crucial factor for the success of the tree service. While many tree companies utilize the proper tools when performing tree care, a few ones use spikes which are detrimental to the health of your trees.

Climbing spikes are leather straps with steel spikes. These are wrapped on the climber’s legs as he works on the tree. Spikes are useful in a way that it helps arborists to climb the tree with ease. However, it shouldn’t be used on a tree that will not be removed because of its adverse effects on the tree. It leaves punctures on the tree that can lead to tissue death. While small puncture wounds typically heal, significant ones can result in the tree’s death.

Trees have a delicate layer of tissue that is essential for the regeneration of their cells. Using spikes can harm this tissue and eventually cause irreparable damage if left untreated.

When is it okay to use spikes?

We have made it clear from the start that using spikes can cause damage to trees, but we cannot dismiss the fact that there are unique situations when spikes are actually advantageous. Here is a list of cases where using spikes are acceptable:

  • The tree’s branches are too high, and there are no available aerial lifts or cranes to reach them.
  • The tree is rotten or diseased or is about to be taken down.
  • The tree is in a location that is difficult to access using other means, or it is surrounded by obstacles such as utility lines and other fixed structures.

An expert tree service company are proficient in using the right equipment in performing different tree services. They don’t utilize spikes when not needed because they understand the dangers it can bring to the overall health of the tree.

We have come up with a list of the good qualities you should look for in a Tree Service to help you decide who to hire:

  • Reputation: A qualified tree company is affiliated with organizations in the tree industry such as the Tree Care Industry Association and has proven its worth through positive client feedbacks.
  • Insurance: Never do business with a company that cant provide proof of their license and insurance documentation. You should protect yourself from possible liabilities and other legal complications if the company you hired doesn’t have these crucial credentials.
  • References: There is no better way to find out about a company’s overall service but by asking those who experienced it firsthand. If the company has more negative feedback than positive ones from their past customers, this should speak a lot about how they perform the job and how they treat their clients. Be wary of these companies and look for one that has better reviews.
  • Contract: A contract is a written agreement that outlines important information about the service you are using. It should have details about the date when the work is to be performed, what exact service you availed, and the total service cost. Even if you trust the company, it is still wise to get a copy of it for reference.

Five Mistakes to Avoid When Working with a Virtual Legal Assistant

A virtuPicture of a virtual assistance in her office sitting at her desk with a computeral legal assistant can do a wide range of functions to help you maximize your time and use it for other essential tasks. A VLA can manage your emails, answer phone calls, do your bookkeeping, and prepare essential documents for you. 

However, not everyone who hires a VLA becomes successful in terms of how well they collaborate with each other. You have to make sure that you work harmoniously with each other to avoid confusion and delays in the completion of the task on hand. Although these mistakes are not intentional, they can still harm your relationship with your VA and affect the work significantly. 

What Causes Problems in Your Working Relationship with Your VA

If you want to maximize the benefits of hiring a VLA, try not to make the following mistakes:


  • Moving Ahead Without Building Rapport 

A good rapport is essential to build trust and make you comfortable working with each other. If you start doing business without building rapport, you may find it difficult to discuss sensitive matters about the job. 

When you work with a VLA, rapport is essential so that you can trust and rely on each other. If you know someone, you will be confident to delegate tasks that contain sensitive or classified information. Just like any other relationships, it will never work when you don’t trust each other. 

Bonus Tip: You can set aside an hour a week for a short video chat to know how things are going. You can talk about the job and even matters outside work to help break the ice. 


  • Dumping Instead of Delegating

Avoid dumping tasks to your VLA. Dumping happens when you assign tasks without giving clear instructions. Don’t delegate tasks randomly because this usually leads to poor quality of work. If something is not clear with the job done, you will be forced to redo it which means more time wasted. 

When you don’t give clear instructions, in the beginning, you will need to talk again and again to your VLA, and you’ll neglect your more critical tasks. 

Bonus Tip: Set a deadline that is acceptable for both parties. Put clear instructions and make sure your requirements are easy to understand. Review the final output and give feedback on the next steps before adjourning.


  • Failing to Find Out the VLAs Strengths and Weaknesses

Not all VLAs have the same strengths and weaknesses. Some VLAs may do well in preparing responses to oppose counsel while some have excellent organizational skills. It will be easier for you to assign specific tasks if you know where an assistant excels and what tasks requires him more time to accomplish. If you want to help your VLA (and yourself), delegate a responsibility that can be done within the time frame and assign other functions to other assistants who can do them better.

Bonus Tip: You can create a training manual for your staff, including your VLA to help them learn more about the tasks they may not be familiar with. There are applications available to help you with templates so it will not be difficult for you to begin the manual. 


  • Changing Your Work Style Frequently

Avoid making the mistake of assuming your VLA can quickly adapt to the working style you have in your office. A full-time employee can do that with much ease because they are with you in the physical office. However, in the case of a VLA, they can have their working style and own businesses to manage. 

One good example is the number of hours you complete in a week. If your work hours change from 40 to 60 hours a week, you cannot expect your VLA to do the same, especially if he only committed to 40 hours a week. 

Before deciding to hire a VLA, ask him plenty of questions about his working habits and styles and see if it’s in sync with yours. Be honest with your expectations and working method to avoid frustration on your part and your VLA as well. 

Bonus Tip: Make sure to set your expectations clearly before using a VLA’s service. 


  • Sending Mixed or Too Many Signals 

Consider your VLA’s time. It is more likely that your VLA has other tasks to do for other clients; that is why they don’t answer your calls at odd hours without notice. You may create a stressed working relationship when you keep calling at off-hours and request for last-minute changes. 

You also have to be mindful of how you communicate. If there are too many messages, or you send these messages through different channels, it can create distractions that can lead to substandard work. 

Bonus Tip: Try creating strict communication rules. You can accept phone calls and texts until 5 p.m., but beyond that, you will only entertain messages via email.

What Can Your Law Firm Outsource to a Virtual Assistant?

Close up picture of a virtual assistanceYou probably want to spend your precious time doing more important things and practicing law than doing repetitive and boring tasks. If this is the case for you, hiring a virtual assistant can help you.

Using a virtual assistant’s service to help you maximize your time because they will do what you need to do in a cost-effective manner. 

Virtual assistants are experts in a particular area, and they can do the tasks that need to be done so you focus on practicing your profession. 

What is a Virtual Assistant?

A virtual assistant or VA provides support services in specific tasks that can be completed through the internet. A VA can do particular jobs or general types of functions. He can either assume the role of an internet-based employee, your bookkeeper, and other administrative roles in your business. 

Virtual assistants can come from abroad, which will typically cost you less, or from your own country which can be more expensive. VAs who are based outside your country can be effective at doing administrative jobs, and their services are inexpensive. On the other hand, VAs who live in the same region as you can do more complex tasks. 

You may be concerned whether a VA can be trusted or not, and that is understandable. Before you hire someone to do tasks for you, make sure they are reliable and that you can trust them with sensitive tasks or your business will be significantly affected. 

What are some of the tasks that can be easily done by a VA?


It is necessary to have someone to do bookkeeping for a business. However, it can be tedious and time-consuming; that is why you can let a VA do this for you. This task is systematic and repetitive; it would be easy for a VA to complete this job. Here are some of the things your VA can do for you:

  • Invoice clients
  • Pay your bills
  • Track bank reconciliations with your cloud accounting software
  • Track your accounts payable and receivables
  • Renew your bar association dues
  • Remind you when it’s time to pay bills 


Answer Phone Calls 

A virtual assistant can answer and screen incoming calls for you. Although we live in a digital age, clients still look for real people to talk to when they’re on the phone. If someone on the other line sounds friendly and sympathetic, it can be a good start for keeping a good relationship with your clients. 

Social Media Marketing

You may not have time to manage your social media accounts; that is why you can outsource a VA to do the task for you. A VA can Tweet, Like, Follow, and post on social media to promote you to a broader audience. There are a lot of VAs who can do the job with ease so you can be confident the situation is handled well. 


A virtual assistant can manage your inbox for you. They can sort and organize the messages depending on the subject of the message. They can prioritize emails so you can do the important ones first and do the others later. VAs can also set up appointments and answer basic questions by current and prospective clients. 

Manage Your Calendar and Set Meetings

One of the common things a VA does is to manage your schedule. They schedule an appointment with your clients and put them in your calendar.  When you hire a VA, it can save you time from replying to your client to set a date that fits both your schedule. 


A virtual assistant can also do transcription jobs. If you write notes by hand, your VA can have them typed and saved to your hard drive. A VA who does transcription jobs should have accurate grammar and spelling and has excellent attention to details because there are things crucial for transcription tasks. 

Book Travel

Looking for a good hotel deal and flight can be time-consuming.  A VA can do this job for you to save you time. They can search for great hotels that suit your budget and a flight within your timeline. 

Cost Savings Calculations

Before hiring a VA, consider these questions and find out if the numbers add up:

  • How much do you bill per hour?
  • How many billable hours do you lose by working on administrative tasks?
  • How much would it cost you to hire a VA to do your current tasks?
  • What is the difference between your earnings and the cost of hiring a VA?

Before Hiring a Virtual Assistant 

Don’t hire a VA if you are not sure you can pay their service. Don’t expect they can do a perfect job from day 1. Help them adjust by adequately documenting the process so they can follow the task and repeat it when necessary.